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"Photography is our full-time profession, not something we do on the side, or as a hobby. It is something we live, breathe, and study every day. And, we photograph people only. To do that well requires total concentration on that one field of photography. We are constantly learning new styles and techniques, and updating ourselves on what is happening in the world of fashion and photographic techniques, and using them when we work with the people who step in front of our cameras." - Randy

"The only thing that makes a photograph of a person 'different' is the man or woman in the picture. Photographs of people in staged settings, or surrounded by props all have a sameness about them that reduces them to cliché, and diminishes the singular personality of that man or woman." - Jo

Studio 102 is a state of the art professional photography studio located in the fashionable Renaissance complex in Farragut, Tennessee. Studio 102 is owned and operated by Randy and Jo Frank. The large, comfortable shooting area is equipped with top-of-the-line Photogenic Pro studio flash units, Apple computers, and Canon cameras and lenses. Being equipped with the latest modern technology gives the studio several advantages, including photographing directly into a computer, which allows models to see the photos in full-size rather than trying to see tiny images on the back of a camera.

Randy, originally from Maryville, TN, began photographing in 1971 after attending the Miami Art Institute in Miami, Florida. In 1977 he was hired by 20th Century Advertising Agency in Los Angeles where he worked for thirty years before relocating to Tennessee in 2004.

He teaches fashion lighting, and is the author of numerous photographic articles and tutorials. His work has been featured on the covers of prominent magazines, including Porsche Owner's Club of Southern California, and Around Town.

Jo showed a talent for drawing when she was six years old, and continued to develop her skills into an award winning artist and painter. Her artistic pursuits led her to photography in 2004. For the next four years, Jo was immersed daily in the serious study of fashion photography, lighting, and retouching techniques.

She began photographing professionally in 2008. Because of her keen eye for composition and posing, and her makeup artistry she has earned the praise of her peers and the models with whom she works.

As a tightly-knit team, Randy and Jo's photographic style, known as Minimalism, is heavily influenced by renowned Vogue Magazine photographer Irving Penn, who in the 1950's changed fashion photography forever with his use of simple gray or white backdrops to focus all of the viewer's attention on the subject.

Both Randy and Jo are lighting perfectionists. They are among the few who prefer the studio to natural settings because they have precise control of the light. Their unique lighting style grew out of the styles of the legendary Ruth Bernhard and Peter Lindbergh. Bernhard wrote, "Light is my inspiration, my paint, my brush. It is as vital as the model herself." Lindbergh is credited with "kickstarting the whole supermodel phenomenon."

Their exceptional knowledge of how to work with light and shadow allows them to dramatic contrast that sculpts individual faces, and draws out individual personalities. "There is no such thing as 'close' in lighting. It's either right, or it's not. It isn't something that comes as one-kind-fits-all. It has to be tailored for the specific face and personality of the man or woman in the photograph."

When asked for his definition of photography, Randy said, "The word 'photography' contains the soul of the art form. It comes from two Greek words 'photos,' which means 'light,' and 'graphein,' which means 'to write, or draw.' We use light and shadow the same way a writer uses words - to catch the subtle nuances when telling the story of a person, who and what he or she is. The camera only records the story the light tells."

When asked what she proudest of about Studio 102, Jo said, "I am very proud of our work. But, I take greater pride in the fact that all of our models tell us that they feel safe, secure, and comfortable working with us. We treat all of them with the respect and dignity they deserve as young ladies and gentlemen. That means so much to both Randy and me. And, they all tell us how much fun it is to shoot with us."


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